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Some modern historians have speculated that it could have been Rodulf or potentially some his subjects who provided Cassiodorus or Jordanes with the information for their extensive lists and details Scandinavian peoples and tribes;[12] in any case Rodulf was not the only Nordic warlord who visited the Goths and potentially could have provided knowledge about Scandinavian tribes.[13] In the early 6th century the Lombard king Wacho took Silinga as his third wife who was said to be the daughter the last king the Heruls,[25] this has led some scholars to believe that Silinga probably was a daughter Rodulf;[26] she again had the son Walthari.[27] The between Wacho and Silinga functioned to legitimize the Lombards as the successors to the kingdom the Heruls.[28] — Do not add text below. Contents 1 Political science 1.1 Government 1.2 Politicians 1.3 Politics — Do not add text below. — Do not add text below. It has also been speculated that the Ráðulfr mentioned in the Rök Runestone (which also mentions Theodoric the Great) could be identical with Rodulf.[22] Another debated issue is whether Rodulf could be the background for certain aspects later heroic poetry possibly including the Norse saga character Hrólfr Kraki Although particularly German scholarship have identified the unnamed Heruli king and the Rodulfs as the same person,[23] including the Reallexikon der Germanischen Altertumskunde in an entry by Norwegian historian Claus Krag,[14] others such as historian Walter Gfart and archaeologist Dagfinn Skre have questioned at least parts these identifications.[24] Rodulf was a Germanic chieftain or petty king the Migration Period who briefly appears in Roman sources Although it is not conclusive that the sets accounts actually refers to the same king he is always principally notable for his connection to the Ostrogothic king and ruler Italy Theodoric. — Do not add text below.